***SOLD*** 4 Winter Wheels and Tyres (from my D3 Biturbo)

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*** Reduced ***

I'm keen these go to a new home so now £300, plus i'll include an unused set of snow chains bought to fit these wheels.

*** Reduced ***


Four winter wheels and tyres which I put together for my now sadly departed E91 D3 Bi-Turbo.

The wheels are part number BMW 6 768 969 which I bought refurbished, and they are in 9.5/10 condition with just a couple of barely noticeable chips. The tyres are Michelin Alpin in very good condition with 6-7mm tread having been used for just one and a half winters.

They have Alpina Centre caps, however these are a bit chipped as they're cheapies from Ebay and haven’t proved very durable! Replacements are readily available via the same route or of course proper ones can be had from BMW.

This was my first experience with winters and I found they made a huge difference to the safety, handling and usability of the car in the rain, and were especially impressive on a snowy French Autoroute.

Located in Berkshire, collection is preferred, however I’m happy to deliver or rendezvous up to an hour away.

Were £400, now £300

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