D3 BT Questions

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D3 BT Questions

Post by Fozzie25 » Thu Jul 14, 2022 10:26 am

Hello people,

I’ll soon be looking at purchasing a E90 D3 BT Alpina and had a few questions if anyone can help with some honest answers please?

I know these are fitted with the N47 engine are these a ticking time bomb that should be avoided? I have friends and have heard of people with 1 series diesels where timing chains jump and potentially worst case this can cause engine failure?

I know most of these cars will have done around 100k miles now and if any EGR problems occur how easy are these to sort? Are parts like EGR coolers the same as a 320d or are they Alpina specific?

Any other things I need to keep an eye on or look at changing/replacing on these cars?

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Re: D3 BT Questions

Post by Wellsy » Thu Jul 14, 2022 10:42 am


I have 2009 D3 BT #114 - the N47 timing chain is only an issue if the car is not maintained. Mine is at 155k miles - had the chain done at 80k and I'm lining up to get it done again towards the end of this year.
The BMW recommended oil changes in my opinion are too long, so I normally do a half way oil change which is key to keeping them healthy.

The EGR system is Std BMW fitment, but all that can happen is it blocks and it's easy to take off and clean/change.

Something to look for is the swirl flap rod, if you look at the front of the engine front of the inlet manifold there is a little black box which is the swirl flap actuator, look for oil around this which would indicate the swirl flap rod has gone. Your looking at a new inlet manifold to repair that. I would say do not delete the swirl flaps as you loose low down torque which is the main party trick of the D3's.

As for suspension, the only Alpina specific part is the Top Mounts the rest is M-Sport spring with Non M-Sport dampers.
Brakes for example from the 330d.
Interior is Alpina specific seat cloth, unless you have leather then its std M-Sport trim.
Exhaust is Alpina Specific

There is a parts catalog in the Register home page, any parts that are different to donor are listed in there.

Apart from that just the usual used car checks.
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Re: D3 BT Questions

Post by sean7997 » Mon Jul 18, 2022 8:20 pm

The only things I would add is using 10w60 oil should reduce/elimite the chances of having a problem with the timing chain. This was cause by BMW's oil recomendation being too thin orginally.

Alpina specfic parts are at: https://www.alpina-automobiles.com/file ... glisch.pdf
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Re: D3 BT Questions

Post by BR05FUN » Fri Jul 22, 2022 8:19 pm

Have a D3 coupe 2009. Just hit 170k miles. Gets beaten daily. Had since 145k miles. Did timing chain, swirlflap delete, inlet cleaning, walnut blasting, pulley damper, refreshed full suspension with B12 bilstein kit new rubbers and top mounts, all new TRW suspension arms etc and copper ring on injector seals. Been through two sets of Michelin Pilot sports. Gets 10w60 Castrol oil and new oil filter every 6 months.

Advice buying would be make sure it has good service history and clean MOTs. Mine had full BMW service and only one failed MOT due to a cracked screen.

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Re: D3 BT Questions

Post by JohnW » Sat Aug 13, 2022 12:57 pm

The revised timing chain has additional oil journals to throw the oil around better. I’ve had 2 N47 engined cars, no trouble from either except for a faulty alternator and getting the turbochargers refurbished on the D3 BiTurbo as a precaution (excess play, apparently?), when I had the spare cash. Castrol 10W/60 oil change every year in both.
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