Alpina B3 GT3 (E92) Limited to 99 units (quick look)

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Alpina B3 GT3 (E92) Limited to 99 units (quick look)

Post by big blue » Wed Feb 25, 2015 11:52 pm

ALPINA B3 GT3 (E92) Limited to 99 units (quick look)

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"The GT3 versions of Alpina’s iconic multi-spoke Classic wheels are 25 per cent lighter and the titanium Akrapovic exhaust saves another 11kg. Behind the Himalaya Grey front wheels are blue six-pot calipers clamping 380mm discs. Nestled beneath the bonnet is essentially the same 3-litre straight-six as the standard B3 S Biturbo, albeit with an 8bhp increase to push it up to 402bhp (42bhp down on the M3 GTS) and 398lb ft (74lb ft up on the GTS).

The propulsion then reaches the back wheels through a Drexler limited-slip diff. The biggest mechanical change, however, is reserved for the suspension. Although it obviously doesn’t get the wider rear axle of an M3, it does get fully adjustable coilovers at each corner. Not only is the ride-height tuneable, but the dampers are also 12-way tweakable in compression and 18-way in rebound. Thankfully Alpina doesn’t leave you to make a hash of it all and there are three pre-determined, progressively firmer set-ups for the chassis. We’re trying it in the ‘road’ setting (the least firm of the three)."
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