22/12/2007 - Mercedes get serious

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22/12/2007 - Mercedes get serious

Post by neil » Sat Dec 22, 2007 11:06 am


I 've just added a story to fastsaloons about the new C63 AMG and was intrigued about the last paragraph....

Options unique to the C63 AMG models include the AMG driver’s package which increases the limited top speed and includes attendance at an AMG ‘Power and Passion’ driving event (£2160); and a Performance Package which comprises compound front disc brakes, a limited slip differential, performance suspension and a Nappa leather and Alcantara trimmed steering wheel (£3120).

This is a new direction for Mercedes - in the last few iterations it's all been about headline power but now they are really gunning for M3 owners.

What do you guys think ?

Also ALPINA have stated in the past that Mercedes and Audi were more competitors to ALPINA than BMW. But as they have both gone more hardcore does this mean ALPINA is now offering something completely different (if you didn't think they already were!) ?

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Re: 22/12/2007 - Mercedes get serious

Post by Petrolhead » Sun Dec 23, 2007 1:36 am

neil wrote:
...which includes a limited slip differential...

Surely it's madness to produce a RWD car with this sort of power, or in fact one with even half the power, and not fit an LSD as standard? Alright, it's probably safer, but for a car such as this Merc and slightly lesser AMG models which are built focusing for a large part on performance, it's rediculous not to fit one.

Anyway, the original question; this Merc does actually look quite tasty, both from the outside and under the bonnet. One thing, personal preference here, that I have never liked about more recent Mercs is their interiors. They all seem to be black and silver - dull and boring. I sat in the new M3 today as it happens and I can say it's quite nice place to be - nicer than the C63. I'm sure you can specify the interior in the Merc (for £50k+ I should bloomin hope so), but the Beemers still win on that front for me. In my opinion, the simple fact that the Merc's an auto and the M3's not, the die-hard petrolheads will be drawn to the Beemer, however many horses the Merc has.

Back to the original question :lol: I think that Alpina, as ever, are offering the more exclusive models. I don't think that the big rivals - Audi, Merc etc, simply don't have any cars to match Alpina - they still do fast models but not so hardcore - example S8, S500 etc. It's just that they don't offer anything nearly as special as an Alpina, and that's why we're all here today :lol:

Sorry for the unpredictedly long-winded post. :oops:
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Post by seenthelight » Sun Dec 23, 2007 2:15 pm

ALPINA have mastered a combination that does not seem to have occurred to other manufacturers.

Sure, we want the power/handling/performance aspects associated with the competition. But we also want the comfort and luxury most probably associated with growing a little older/having family/calming down slightly. (Well, maybe only slightly 8) )

I also love how 'understated' is delivered across the whole product range. Not needing or wanting to be quite so 'in yer face' or obvious as some of these other cars.

I just don't think any other manufacturer is tuned in to this. Or maybe they understand it but think the maket is too small for them to bother.

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Post by ALPB1033 » Sun Dec 23, 2007 6:43 pm

When looking at the specification of the AMG C63, it has similar performance of the B3 Biturbo. Then I just wonder where is the other 200 horses gone and do we need that much power on the car as every one going "BLUE" now instead of environmental green.(Not to mention the consumption of petrol which is one of the main design criteria of our beloved Alpina)

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