Mon 18th Sept 2006 - early morning / road magnets / roadrage

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Mon 18th Sept 2006 - early morning / road magnets / roadrage

Post by neil » Mon Sep 18, 2006 9:54 pm

Well this is a new feature of the forums and something I've been meaning to do for a while. Hopefully this will prove interesting - failing that I'll just ramble on !

So some thoughts from today.

1. Does anybody like driving first thing in the morning (< 5am ?)

Well I love that the roads are less busy and the freedom that affords you, but most of the time I'm on auto pilot and not really up to enjoying it that much. I also find when I'm testing a car I'm not very switched on when noting characteristics etc.

2. Do certain roads acts as magnets to certain cars ?

Some of you will have seen that the A612 out of Nottingham features a higher than average population of ALPINAs. As Nottingham is the headquarters for ALPINA UK I guess this isn't too suprising, but...

This morning I saw 3 Aston Martins on the M40 - and that got me thinking I do indeed see a lot on there. Again perhaps this is also not suprising given the factory's at Gaydon.

Aston Martin

Anyone else got any other examples.

3. Saw a Proton Gen 2 this morning in bright yellow (not normally my favorite colour) but in this case I found the car quite striking. Anyone else noticed this little gem ? It also helps Lotus has a had a hand in it.

Proton Gen 2

4. RoadRage

This is a phenomenon I'm aware of but haven't particularly been on the recieving end of - until that is yesterday. I was driving back from a Preston, where I'd been to a wedding, and noticed a car behind me in the fast lane. I was doing 'modest' mph and was actually stuck behind two other cars. The thing that made me notice the car behind me was its proximity and the fact that I could have sworn it had flashed me.

Now I’m a calm soul and this didn’t rile me at all, well sort of. I wasn’t 100% that they had flashed so I gave them the benefit of the doubt. Not long afterwards the cars in front moved over into the middle lane and I accelerated past them. It was at this point the car once again caught me up and started flashing me numerous times. Given I was still passing other cars, this was a bit ridiculous. It was at this point I decided to have a little fun and merely waved happily in my mirror at each subsequent flash. Eventually I had to move over, the car behind pull next to me and the woman driver began mouthing obscenities and doing a hand single that I presume meant she want to shake my hand but was unable to as she had it in a loose fist (if you get my drift). She was REALLY annoyed and I was really amazed at the whole episode. Anyone experience something similar ?
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Post by hythe » Fri Sep 22, 2006 2:35 pm

Personally, if someone's dawdling in the outside lane and holds me up for a while, I just vent my frustration by dropping a cog and giving it some right foot.

Given the B5's somewhat fruity exhaust note, such people probably consider me a git, too. I console myself by considering that such people probably vote Lib Dem! :)
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