Pair B Leather Automatic gear and Handbrake gaiters E90

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Pair B Leather Automatic gear and Handbrake gaiters E90

Post by JohnW » Sat Jan 28, 2023 7:01 pm

I’ve been experimenting with various suppliers for replacement gear and handbrake gaiters for my B3 with various combinations of stitching.

The gaiters are newly stitched with green and blue lines and similar to Dakota leather found on the E92 and other E90 Series cars. They don’t have a plastic frame fitted so if you do opt for a set you’ll need to be handy with a craft knife and Contact adhesive etc, and also a small cable tie is needed to re-fix around the handbrake handle. They are the same size as the leatherette PU gaiters fitted as standard, I checked with the old ones I removed.

The gear gaiter is suitable for the standard automatic lever/shift and they may fit others but were made for the E90 or E92.

This pair has blue stitching to the left of each seam and green to the right of each seam, so alternate blue-green when fitted

These were nearly £60 to be made up per pair but selling to forum members for £25 inc postage in the UK only. You can PayPal me or PM any questions.

Thanks -John W
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