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Connected Drive

Post by Grumpyjohn1957 » Mon Mar 20, 2023 9:23 pm

Got an email from BMW this afternoon. “We’re pulling the plug on connected drive, Tat ta goodbye”.
Flipping marvellous, it’s about the only ICE I use esp’ now my favourite R2 presenters have been retired by the beeb and gone to advert riddled commercial stations. No Deezer, no weather, no news to read in traffic jams.
Has this affected anyone else? Is it only for certain OS users, newer versions unaffected? Will newer cars have something else? Can’t install android auto my OS is too old, and I’m not moving to Apple!
Probably be left with a dead page on the iDrive screen, still be there, just does nothing.
No detailed explanation from BMW whatsoever, just ring the useless helpline.

Whilst I'm fulminating. I'm sure it's not beyond the wit of BMWs software developers to be able to write upgrades for the cars software so users of older OS could upgrade to ver 7 or 8. All the bells and whistles for a fee of course. Just like you can buy a suspension or headlight package to activate what was in your new car when you bought it 6 months ago.

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