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Post by g6rav » Mon Mar 17, 2014 8:39 am

Hi Guys,
I’m new to the forum and need some help – hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

I have a D3 bi turbo 2009 and unfortunately one of my front and rear shocks is leaking.

Can I get the original shocks anywhere other than Bmw?
Also are the originals Bilstein?

Has anyone had to replace shocks on their D3? And how much am I expected to pay for parts and labour?

Sorry for all the questions.


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Post by sward » Mon Mar 17, 2014 4:39 pm

Hi Rav
Check out this recent thread, not completely on topic but you should find it useful: ... hp?t=16836

I am afraid I don't know what you might be charged by BMW for labour to replace (for example both front shocks, which is what I had done) because I had mine done last July as part of a full geo set up by a suspension specialist called Center Gravity. They charged me £119 + VAT for removing the old dampers and replacing them with new ones I had supplied (dampers and bump stops from BMW and gaskets from Alpina). This included "deseizing" 2 ball joints. Note that the gaskets to fit between the top mount and the body are Alpina specific.

I cant find my invoice for the dampers, I'm afraid, but they were BMW parts from the parts dept at Sytner Central in Birmingham.


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Post by bobbly » Mon Mar 17, 2014 4:43 pm

Can't help directly with the front as not had to touch one. Rears are part number 3350 6784977 and are Bilstein Non-Sport shocks IIRC. Front shocks are inside the strut so it's difficult to see any detail on them, but assume standard BMW shock. A phone call to a Sytner parts dept will reveal all....they don't bite.

Replacement of the rears is very straightforward, whereas the fronts take a bit more effort! However, important point of note: never ever replace one shock absorber on an axle. You must replace both sides to maintain a safe ride and handling balance. Unbalanced shock absorber rates on the same axle is extremely dangerous, especially on a powerful car built to handle bends and undulations well. So, it's a big, and expensive, job, I'm afraid.

Good luck


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Post by JANES » Mon Mar 17, 2014 6:17 pm


I've had my left front strut replaced.

For the D3BT it's a standard BMW strut part number -

The parts guys at Sytner will give you the number for the right front strut; sytner are very helpful with information.

D3 BT No13 (E90)

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Post by g6rav » Tue Mar 18, 2014 12:39 am

Thanks you’re help, appreciate it.

I’ve managed to locate my part numbers via the Realoem website below, by plugging in the last seven digits of my BMW chassis number A47549 the part numbers match front and rears you gave me so thanks again. ... g=31&fg=10

Left front Bilstein part number – 22-135001
Right front Bilstein part number – 22-135018

Bilstein rear part number – 19-135021

Via the Bilstein site if I match up the BMW part numbers with Bilstein prices of the web are quite competitive @ £272 for all four – BMW are quoting me near £500!

I assume if the bilstein original part numbers match up then I’m fine?
What are your thoughts?


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Post by Sunnyville » Fri Dec 09, 2016 10:26 am

Hi all,
A little bit more info, which may help others.
I need to replace my front shocks on the D3 as the front end is now VERY floaty. I contacted Sytners Nottingham for the part numbers and the prices for replacements.
As others above have mentioned the shocks/dampers used are Bilstein items.
I was shocked, pardon the pun, at the prices BMW quoted me for 2 front shocks, 2 rear shocks and also the additional dampers front/rear and the Alpina gaskets. It all came to over £800 + VAT !!!!!
So I thought I would do some digging and managed to get the correct Bilstein part numbers for the shocks/dampers.

Front NS : BMW Part No: 31316785589 Bilstein Part No: 22-135001
Front OS : BMW Part No: 31316785590 Bilstein Part No: 22-135018

Rear : BMW Part No: 33526780077 Bilstein Part No: 19-136592

(The rear part number that i have is different to what g6rav has posted above so not sure if you have the correct rear shock numbers? I looked at the number that g6rav quoted and those shocks are for Xdrive vehicles etc???

Hopefully I have the correct numbers and if they are wrong please post and update us to confirm this.

I also managed to order both front shocks, both rear shocks and the rear rebound dampers (BMW Part No: 33536767335) from a website called
for the grand total of £234.33
Unfortunately they don't list the additional dampers for the fronts (BMW Part No: 31336783481)

I will have to source those from somewhere else and will also contact BMW about ordering the additional front suspension Alpina gaskets ( Part No: 91473133138) £15 a pair from BMW

So all in all a huge saving by going elsewhere other than BMW

I also paid an extra £3.45 to buycarparts which covers you if you have bought the wrong parts, they will collect them providing they haven't been fitted.

Obviously buying these is the easy part. Once all the parts arrive I will be fitting them :D looking forward to that though :D

I hope this info may help a little on top of what is already posted.


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