Yes or No to Gaydon 2013 BMWCC National event

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Gaydon 2013

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Post by shaziman » Mon Nov 05, 2012 10:33 am

Charles wrote:Actually I think the starting point has to be why would we want a "club" in the first place.

What's wrong with what we've already got?
I went to the meeting on Saturday, and i have to say that there was a lot of listening going on by the committee members. The issues of benefits was raised and its not just this forum that have issues with BMWCC.

I won't comment anymore as this is Simon's thread and he will report back regarding the alpina register.

With regards to starting up a new club, this is not an easy task. Hence why i agree, stick with what you have got. Alpina's have a very niche target audience and i feel that all thwe work will go in to set up a club and it will gain no more members and just add alot of hassle for the mod's and committee.

Also, when BMWCC has plenty of BMW focused events etc, why double up the work. After all this is the official Alpina section of the BMWCC, via Simon, so may as well tack on to the events that are already in place. I feel differently about the non-assocaited forums that come to Gaydon and take over without having put in any help at all.

We have to all remember, that this is not a business. We do this as we want to enjoy our cars, make friends and share information/knowledge. Lets concentrate on these aspects and not generate ourselves more work!
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Post by L8 ALPINA » Mon Nov 05, 2012 2:25 pm

I totally agree with both Charles, Arit and others on this. What is wrong with what we already have in this forum...

The moderators do a fantastic job, Just keep on doing the good work chaps... :clap:

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Post by SPA69 » Tue Nov 06, 2012 12:16 am

I thank you all for your comments regarding Gaydon and your thoughts about the car club.

I also have some issues with the way Gaydon has become the same old deal year after year. Yes things must change and I for one was keen to see a different venue, but what was said at the meeting is, it would not make any difference if say it was moved to donington, stoneleigh etc if the layout and organization were the same. Good point..

So for Gaydon 2013 the club have suggested it will be a two day event. Camping will be available on site for those that don't mind the outdoors.
Saturday will comprise of concours, a regional challenge (details on this to follow) hopefully some family activities, evening entertainment plus food. Sunday will be the big day as always with the veiw to make better displays and trade stands. Gaydon also has other facilities that are not yet being used by the club so this will be looked into as well.
So to sum up I think and hope that 2013 at Gaydon will be bigger and better than past years.

I must agree with what others have said, why not build upon what you already have. Yes we know there are problems with the way that the club is seen to be run and I do think that its far to say that you will never please everyone.
However the directors of the club are willing to listen to whats being said and I came away from the meetting on saturday feeling alot better and hopefully things are going to change.
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Post by ollieebmw » Tue Nov 13, 2012 9:07 pm

Coming to the discussion late but I take my hat of to all who help to put Alpina's on display at Gaydon and always singing your praises. Yes it is a bit same old same old but we should build on what we got. I would have loved to go to the Alpina meet in Nottingham but it was the same day as TRAX. Hope that doesn't happen again. Gaydon 2013?....Put me down first on the list.
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