2012 Alpina B7 - Transmission Solenoid Kit?

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2012 Alpina B7 - Transmission Solenoid Kit?

Post by Elemental_Garage » Thu Aug 04, 2022 9:11 pm

Hey all,

Having some surging/shifting issues on my 2012 Aplina B7. I'm going to do a fluid/filter/seal kit for the transmission, and while I'm in there thought it would be a good idea to do the solenoids too. FCP Euro shows a kit that fits the 2012 B7, but that kit says its for the 6HP21 and 6HP28 tranmissions, but my understanding is this B7 has the 6HP26 transmission. They have a solenoid kit for that transmission too, but their listing says it may not fit the B7.

Anyone know a surefire kit that fits this vehicle, or should I get under and pull all the cladding off to reveal the tag? Was trying to avoid doing that until I had all the parts in and was ready, but will do what I must.

Cheers all!

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