B5 E60 #416

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B5 E60 #416

Post by stunter90 » Sun Apr 04, 2021 6:19 pm

Hi everyone,

BMW fan, had a chance to drive Alpina B5 #416 E60 and i fell in love with the car.

https://www.mobile.de/cz/Osobn%C3%AD-v% ... 87634.html

So now I'm gathering info about Alpina B5 E60 and one in particular.
Few questions to the community:
1. Does anyone have a part number of a compessor put to this cars? Or any idea of the price changing it?
2. From what I learned this particular model is an early facelift from the year 2007. Are there any big difference facelift vs. prefacelift?
3. Are there any gearbox issues?
4. Any other troubles except compressor and airfilter and the ones that a typical to E60 itself.
5. Are there any possibility to get full spec list not from Alpina itself, any vindecoder or something like that.
6. Maybe someone here owned this car in the past or knew someone who owned it, the car wasn't running for about a year, but didn't find any big damage, so would like to find out the reason.

Thanks everyone in advance.

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