Considering a trade to an E46 B3 Touring - thoughts?

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Considering a trade to an E46 B3 Touring - thoughts?

Post by dlmorley » Wed Mar 01, 2023 11:34 am

Hi all
Just wanted to get some thoughts here!
I have a Porsche 968 and recently need to do regular motorway journeys from Germany to Belgium. about 700km. And I need a bit more room.
The Porsche is wonderful. Nice spec (sunroof delete, cup 1 wheels, 6 speed) and has 290000km. Full history.
I am considering selling or trading for a B3 touring (petrol) as that would suit my needs better. A bit more comfort and space but also a classic.
What would you advise looking for in a B3? Any known issues and as these cars are in general heading over 200,000km too, how are they holding up?
Any other touring to consider that will be sub 20,000 euros?
Thanks in advance!

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Re: Considering a trade to an E46 B3 Touring - thoughts?

Post by rc944 » Wed Mar 01, 2023 4:29 pm

i had a 968 cs after a 944 s2. i now have a gt3 cs and the b3 3.3 touring is a very welcome addition to the fleet.
i found the 968 underwhelming after the 944 and the b3 compared to the 968 (not that its a fair comparison) is the car i would be more excited to jump into given the choice and your intended use

mines about 117k miles first reg 2002 and nothing other that usual e46 stuff. no head gasket issues like the later 3.4l engine either.
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Re: Considering a trade to an E46 B3 Touring - thoughts?

Post by Charles » Wed Mar 01, 2023 8:50 pm

My B3S Touring has done 384k miles (615,000 km) and is still going strong - so 200,000km just about run-in! The key is regular and fastidious maintenance, including changing the oil (5W-40) every 7k miles and the gearbox oil every 60k miles.

My running experiences are as follows:
- As mentioned, the 3.4 consumes a new head gasket on average every 85k miles.
- At 250k miles the head was replaced (too many skims) and the gearbox fully refurbished (cracked D drum) and the block was replaced at 347k miles (excessive wear).
- A suspension refresh every 100k miles or so is the only other expensive Alpina-specific element.
- Apart from that, it suffers the usual E46 rust issues - front and rear wings every 10 year or so - but, otherwise, the LCI is pretty bulletproof.
- Any other maintenance is standard 328/330i bits and pieces.
- Front tyres (Pilot Sport 4 currently) tend to last 40k miles and rears are tired at 20k miles.
- Current fuel consumption sits at 28mpg on my regular commute at UK motorway speeds.

Happy to discuss further and in more detail - either here or privately
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Re: Considering a trade to an E46 B3 Touring - thoughts?

Post by AG » Sat Mar 04, 2023 4:15 pm

As good as any e46 330i of that era, but your main issue is finding one! Then it'll be down to the fact its still an older BMW.
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