Taycan 4S

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Taycan 4S

Post by Grumpyjohn1957 » Thu Jun 02, 2022 10:39 pm

Not an in-depth review, simply a few quick jottings about an hour spent with a Taycan.

My brother-in-law has just taken delivery of a Porsche Taycan 4S. A no brainer financially as he runs it on the business, he plays a lot of golf and doesn’t rack up many of day-to-day miles, so a very sensible choice. He proudly invited me to take it for a ride, I duly accepted.

It is undoubtedly a thing of beauty, finished in Crayon grey with black wheels and body trims. The external appearance somehow combines styling cues from models past with uber cool modernity, I really like the aesthetic. The finish is exemplary with perfect paint, high quality trim work and a panel fit of nanometre tolerance.
The interior, in my opinion, was somewhat underwhelming with the quality of the materials appearing almost downmarket. Sure, everything is solidly constructed and extremely well fitted and finished but the ambience when compared to my Alpina is several magnitudes down the scale of upmarketness.
The glass cockpit with its extensive use of black touch screens (showing finger marks all over when not illuminated) provided the non-tactile experience that I personally hate, especially if jiggling around bumpy roads. Functionality wise, everything you could ever need is built in, this particular car did lack the extra cost option HUD, something which I can’t now live without. Again, a few interior nods to the Porsche heritage including the analogue clock atop the dash. Not bad, but not WOW!

Starting the thing, or should I say energising it, when compared to an ICE car is a non-experience. The ventilation system starts up and fans whirr, the dash illuminates like an iPad and there’s a faint humming sound from somewhere. Flick a switch to request forward motion and you’re off, press the pedal it goes faster, lift the pedal and even though regenerating the battery it doesn’t seem to provide much retardation compared to some electrics I’ve driven. The steering has less life than a tramp’s pants and that is saying something when compared to BMW fare.

In normal mode the ride is harsher than my B5 in sport, engage actual sport mode and you’ll want to visit the dentist, it’s really harsh and very stiff. Performance? Whilst rapid with the pedal to the floor the seamless surge of electric acceleration isn’t a patch on that from the V8. The brakes are strong and confidence inspiring, alas I didn’t get chance to throw it around some real twisty stuff, but the chassis feels very competent despite the battery weight slung underneath.

I’d guess it might raise a smile or grin but not the maniacal cackles of delight Brunhilda provides when pushed.
All in all, a good competent car but a B5 it isn’t. Maybe my benchmark is set too high, maybe I’m comparing apples with aubergines, and I’m spoiled.
However, it reiterated what phenomenal all round machines ICE powered Alpina’s are. I’ve never driven an older model like the B10 but I’m sure if I did I’d find it to be no less accomplished than my modern variant. What will BMW bring us I wonder?
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Re: Taycan 4S

Post by ScooBeeFive » Fri Jun 03, 2022 10:15 pm

Interesting post John. I too love the looks of the Taycan and have read some very glowing reviews. I've always found it hard to believe that an EV can be *that* good. Your thoughts on it reflect how I imagined it would be. Very competent but probably a bit dull.

I'm sure EVs will continue to improve over the coming years, both dynamically and also the whole ownership proposition. However, it's hard to believe they will ever come close to the character of an exciting ICE vehicle.....

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